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Luce di segnalazione rotonda per auto moto rimorchio LED

Round Car Motorcycle Trailer LED Warning Light, super-bright 24 LED provide maximum visibility and safety, white, amber, red color. Universal fit for all cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers with 12V/24.Long life span and low power consumption.
Easy to install, wire connector, shock resistant. The Circuit board is completely sealed by epoxy to ensure its waterproof feature.24LED Rear Car warning light can be used for steering, braking, width indicator, warning lights, waterproof highlighting, can be applied to a variety of car models


  • Multification:Round Car Motorcycle Trailer LED Warning Light Very suitable for additional decoration, used as the third brake light, rear brake light, direction light, etc.
  • Alta qualità LED Plastica ABS di alta qualità, resistente alle alte e basse temperature
  • Replace original:The original reflector is modified with LED light, the size is the same as the original one. There are 24 high-power LED light clips (3528) in each light
  • Acqua sigillata :IP68 Waterproof, Sealed by High Quality Waterproof Gel, Make it Resistant to Water Damage
  • Super luminoso:Super bright Car Motorcycle Trailer LED Warning Light, provide maximum visibility and safety. Can be used as sider mark, step light, indicator light,warning light. Fits for motorcycles, boats cars, trucks, trailers, RV’s with 12V and 24V
  • Facile da installare:connect the positive and negative cables to any power socket in your vehicle. It has screws and can work under 12V.

 HAWKS Offre la migliore qualità ma il prezzo più basso del mercato.

Luce di segnalazione rotonda per auto moto rimorchio LED

Luce di segnalazione rotonda per auto moto rimorchio LED

Voltage: 12V/24V
Current: 0.2A
LEDs: 24
Long Life: 30,000 Hours
Overall Diameter: 140mm/5.5″
Overall Depth: 80mm/3.1″
Attachment Center-to-center distance: 45mm
House Color: Red & Amber & Black
Light Color: Red & Amber
Materiale: Plastica ABS

3 Functions As Follow:
Tail Light
Brake Stop Light
Indicator Light – Amber Light
Collegamento dei fili:
Red Wire (+): Brake Light
Yellow Wire (+): Turn Signal Light
Black Wire (+): Negative
Blue Wire (+): Tail Light
Black Wire + Red Wire + Yellow Wire+ Blue Wire: Driving Light & Turn Signal Light


  • Plastic Body & Lens
  • Super Bright Leds
  • Universal Bolt Mounting
  • Spade Terminal Connections
  • Pre Fitted Wiring Grommet
  • Minimum Power Consumption
  • High temperature resistant plastic lamp body
  • High transparent lampshade
  • Built in intelligent IC

Round Car Motorcycle Trailer LED Warning Light has three optional, custom motorcycle truck warning light are available if you have special requirements

Red Colore

White Color

Colore ambra

Easy to install, connect the positive and negative wires to any of your vehicle’s power outlets, it comes with screws and works at 12V.24 high power LED light clip (3528) inside each light. It is perfect for add-on decoration and usage as 3rd brake light, Tail Brake Stop Light lamp, Under Bumper/ Kit Tail Brake Light.

3-wire connection: black-cathode/ground, blue- small light (for 50% light), red- turn signal or brake light (for 100% light)Suitable for all models:(Trucks, trucks, locomotives, motorcycles, bicycles, bicycles, cars, ATVs) are used as warnings;1. The circle is installed on the side of the motorcycle or on the front shock absorber. There are yellow, white and red. The back is fixed by screws. Double-sided adhesive tape is also available; Second, the long rear reflector is usually red and fixed with screws. After installing this product, it will improve your driving safety performance and make your car more personal!

These Lamps Are Perfect For Trucks, Off-road Vehicles, 4×4, Military, Mining, Boating, Farming, And Heavy Equipment Etc.
This High Power Led Work Light Is Lightweight, Shockproof, And Durable. 

Luci per camion a LED

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