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LED Truck Tailgate Light Strip Bar

  • Water Sealed IP67:Strong self-adhesive tape tape and well conductive standard 4-pin flat plug can easily stuck on where you need.The LED Tailgate Light Bar with IP67 waterproof rate ,works good whatever in rainy or snowy days. And we offer a six-month warranty.

Triple row LED Truck Tailgate Light Strip Bar! Featuring dual IP67 waterproof strips, this new kit matches function and design by illuminating your entire truck bed with a pair of 60-inch LED strips. Add extra light to your vehicle to see in all the dark corners or to give extra visibility at nighttime. Working with tools late at night? Camping out in the country? Getting ready for tailgating season? Whether you use your truck for business, pleasure, or a little bit of both, Hawks LED Truck Tailgate Light Strip Bar is the perfect addition to your vehicle. Installation is a simple process and can be completed in under 15 minutes with our plug-and-play connector that can go directly into your wiring harness. Just remove the 3M adhesive backing, and set your kit firmly in place underneath the rim of your truck bed. Then, wire the LED bed lights to a 12V source like your car battery or exterior light. Because every vehicle is different, our kit comes with zip ties and other fasteners to help you install your LED Truck Tailgate light strip bar.
Because the best trucks can go off-road too, you won’t have to worry about these LED bed lights getting damaged by the elements. With an IP67 IEC rating, our LED truck bed lights are protected from any contact with harmful dust and full immersion in up to a meter of water.


  • Super Bright:LED Truck Tailgate Light Strip Bar with 432pcs 3528SMD LED chips design which makes the lumen output is 300% brighter than one or double row LED tailgate lighting bars on cars.Adds a clear visibility to the rear drivers, better ensuring your security on roads.Suitable for 12v car and pickup truck.like Tundra ,Sierra,Silverado,Ram Pickup,Titan etc.
  • 6 Muiti Function:LED Truck Tailgate Light Strip Bar emits low Red light for running, Bright Red for braking, Amber for left/right turning signals, White for reversing, and Flash Amber for emergency strobe light. Everyone behind you exactly knows what’s your next step
  • Easy Installation:No Drill Install. Well conductive standard 4-pin flat plug.This tailgate light bar features 60″, operated at DC 12V voltage, perfect for most Pickup Trucks, Trailers, Cars, SUV, RV, VAN, etc.Simple installation with User Manual.If you encounter an unsuitable situation, you can try to go to the nearest car repair shop for decoding adaptation. Some car models need to be decoded before they can be used normally.

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LED Truck Tailgate Light Strip Bar

Tailgate light bar led truck tailgate light strip bar works on any vehicle with at least a 60-inch tailgate and a standard 4 pin (3 and 1) wiring harness. The extra wire is the reverse light and needs to be spliced in separately. Suitable for 12v car and pickup truck. like Tundra, Sierra, Silverado, Ram Pickup, Titan, etc.Universal 4pin plug assembly and wire it into vehicle existing wiring harness. If your truck is not a 4-pin plug assembly, look for an extra adapter to 4 pins. For example, if the truck is 7-pin, you need a “7 to 4” adapter

LED Truck Tailgate Light Strip Bar

  • NO-DRILLING REQUIRED, Easy to Install
  • IPX67 Waterproof Silicone Sealed Housing, Super Durable And Flexible
  • Perfect for most Pickup Trucks, Trailers, Cars, SUV, RV, VAN, etc
  • Note: We attach few screws and buckles in the package as some customers may need it. (Normally it’s unnecessary to use them.)

LED Truck Tailgate Light Strip Bar for SUV, RV, Truck

Waterproof IP67

Strong Weatherproof
LED Truck Tailgate Light Strip Bar With IP67 waterproof rating and silicone tightly-sealed ends on the strip, it can work normally in harsh weather conditions and suits all offroad terrains.

Ultra Bright Premium LED Chip

Adopted a total of 432pcs high-intensity LEDs, it outputs a more stylish running, brake, turn signal, reverse, and strobe light to your rear friends. Let them see you! out the super bright beam, which can better ensure your security on the road.


Easy “No Drill” mounting style, Come with standard 4-pin flat connector and an extra red positive wire, easy to hoop up to the truck existing connector and reverse light, plug & play.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unplug one of your taillights.
  • Identify the reverse wire by activating the reversing light and test each wire with a voltmeter to find which one outputs an 11-12V.
  • Splice it with the red wire of the light strip.
  • Make sure your turn signals are in the correct direction before installing.
  • Undo the tailgate.
  • Rip the adhesive tape off the light bar.
  • Stick the light strip to the tailgate.
  • Finish.

We can customize what you need. but have MOQ requested

These LED Truck Tailgate Light Strip Bar are compatible with 98% of a pickup truck, Once confirm the dimension and the voltage (DC 12V) are suitable for your truck, then it will fit. Some Silverado has different wiring, if there is any incompatibility, you can go to the repair shop to change the wiring.
hope this can help you

Feedback From Our Customers

Really bright and easy to install.

These tail lights are really bright and look great! I hung the whole thing until the curve was gone. Then I marked the middle of the light and the middle of the truck. I smoothed from the middle out to the ends then taped the middle and ends for about 2 weeks to secure the ends then removed the tape. Looks good. The turn lights flash from center, out to the side. Eye catching. Easy install and looks good. I like that!

 Pretty easy to install

The only semi difficult thing is you have to wire the reverse light to your trucks reverse light. I just used one of those inside clip deals were you crimp in another wire with the original and Bob’s your uncle! Lights are bright. Reverse looks really clean and bright. Love em!
UPDATE: the adhesive is starting to separate some. Going to just glue it. Still lights up bright and looks awesome!

Great Light Strip

So I put the 48-inch strip on my Dodge Ram not expecting much especially for the price but was blown away how great it looks and I’m picky as hell on the products I get or put on my truck. I wasn’t sure how I would like one of these so I bought this one because of the price and if it looked or felt cheap I could rip it off, well I absolutely love this and it’s exactly what I needed especially with smoke taillights it’s just the added security.. I highly recommend this product.

LED Truck Lights

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