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Hawks lighting is a professional automotive LED work lights and work lamp supplier and manufacturer, wholesale. factory in China ,our products Cree led work lights,vehicle led work lights,tractor work lights, the voltage from 12v to 80v, Available in many shapes and sizes, LED Work Lights are suitable for a wide range of uses and can apply to different trucks, cars, automotive, tractors, offroad, ATV, UTV,4×4 and more

Daugiau nei OEM 15 metų transporto priemonių šviesos pramonės patirtis. Hawks buvo stumti voką su naujausia LED technologija, Mes dabar esame vienas iš didžiausių LED sunkvežimių žibintų gamintojų pasaulyje. Susisiekite su mumis, jei turite kokių nors poreikių Dabar. Sužinokite daugiau

Why Need Automotive LED Work Lights?

A super bright high-quality work light makes your job safer and simpler because the risk of a potential accident is reduced. When you install work lights on your vehicle, it’s important to get the work light at the right angle of your vehicle so everyone can see you clearly on the road. You’re in need of work lights when you do much of your work on or around the road. Our work lights make it easier to work even in the harshest of weather. waterproof IP68.they are 10 Key reasons for the advantages of LED Work Lights.

  • LONG SERVICE LIFE: LED light can last up to 100,000 operating hours or longer.  That is up to 4 times longer than the expected lifespan of a fluorescent light
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: LED work lights massively out perform more traditional technologies.  On average, switching out to LED lights delivers a saving of 60-75% in energy costs.
  • COMPACT SIZE:LED devices are an extremely small technolog to make them more easily installed in areas of restricted access where a larger light fitting just cannot be placed.  especially installing work lights on trucks, tractors, trailers etc. 
  • DURABILITY & RELIABILITY:LED lights do not contain any fragile parts such as glass elements or filaments.  This means LED lights are more resistant to rough and tumble.
  • END OF LIFE CONTROL:LEDs stop working slowly by dimming over time rather than an abrupt loss of light as is the case of standard lights. This means you will not be captured out in the middle of a job as well as will have time to deal with the issues and also replace the light.
  • More friendly for environment: They do not contain dangerous materials such as mercury and are a safer choice for the environment compared to fluorescent or mercury vapor lights
  • Satety:LED lights generate zero forward heat during operation. This means their housing is not reaching potentially dangerous heat levels.
  • LED lights turn on and off instantaneously,It has no detrimental effect on integrity or performance.

LED work lights for trucks,car,tractors

we offer LED work lights for trucks in various shapes with different voltage,watts,even custom your own brand and package. Our LED work lights are the perfect alternative for you and your truck. The right LED work lights makes your job simpler and safer and can cool your trucks cars tor tractors. Our They’re also durable and energy efficient. Simply perfect for your line of work.

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