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Rechargeable, Handle, LED 10W Hunting Spotlights

Rechargeable, Handle, LED 10W Hunting Spotlights super bright handheld 10 million candlepower spotlight from Hawks is lightweight, ultra rugged, and features a comfortable ergonomic design. This unit uses seven high output Cree LEDs and an advanced reflector and lens configuration to generate 810 lumens with a beam reach of over 1000meter while drawing only 10w watts of power. Equipped with a cigarette plug that operates on 12-24V DC, or DC charger or scope mount, this IP67-rated waterproof spotlight is ideal for hunting, camping, marine, and boating use as well as for first responders and emergency services. The Rechargeable, Handle, LED 10W Hunting Spotlights to feature a continual on/off switch that requires one press to stay on and another press to turn off.


  • Model: T61-10W
  • Rated Power: CREE 10W
  • Rated Lumens:810LM
  • Battery Type:3.7V 3Ah Lithium
  • Operating Temperature:-20°C to 60°C 
  • Waterproof: IPX5
  • Material: High-quality alloy spotlight head
  • Come with a 12V cigar plug/Lithium battery
  • Working hours: 2.5hours
  • Style: Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof

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Light Features:

The T61-10W Rechargeable, Handle, LED 10W Hunting Spotlights delivers an impressive 810 lumens while drawing only 10W watts of energy. With a combination seven high output Cree LEDs and a 5″ reflector, this spotlight cuts through the darkness with a beam length of over 1000n. The Cree LED units in this light have been chosen for their high lumen per watt ratio and extreme longevity.

These Cree LEDs generate 56 lumens per watt effective lumen output and have a 70% lumen retention at 50,000 hours, giving them better efficiency and operational life than traditional light sources. The unique shape and shallow contour of the eflector is paired with a convex lens and inset lens position to efficiently capture and project a focused beam of light while reducing the light spillage and waste that is common with many spotlights. This efficient design also reduces casting, a phenomenon that occurs when wasted light “spills” around the light source. Often times, when surrounded by water, snow or other reflective surfaces, this light spillage prevents the human eye from adjusting properly and seeing objects at distance. With the T61-10W spotlight configuration, 90% of the emitted light is captured and focused, clearly and sharply illuminating objects all the way to the end of the beam reach.

This IP67 rated waterproof spotlight features an ultra-durable ABS shockproof polymer body, an aluminum alloy light head housing, and an impact resistant polycarbonate lens. While thet 61-10w Rechargeable, Handle, LED 10W Hunting Spotlights is built to withstand rugged use and harsh outdoor conditions, comfort and ease of operation haven`t been sacrificed. This unit is ergonomically designed for balanced and comfortable handling. The booted push button is conveniently placed to allow operators easy forefinger access to the switch for quick on/off action.

On/Off Switch Operation: The T61-10W Rechargeable, Handle, LED 10W Hunting Spotlights features a continual on/off switch. This means that the spotlight will stay on after a single button press and remain on until the power button is pressed again. Operators simply press the button once and will have a continual source of high-intensity LED light for their illumination needs until the on/off switch is pressed again to turn the light off. There is no need to keep pressure on the on/off switch at all times when light is desired unlike other spotlight models on the market that feature a trigger type switch. This operation of the on/off switch makes the Rechargeable, Handle, LED 10W Hunting Spotlights an easy to use and convenient source of portable LED light.

Applications:Rechargeable, Handle, LED 10W Hunting Spotlights Typical uses include hunting, fishing, boating, camping, security, military and police,Emergency services, driving lights, trucks, cars, utilities, agricultural, rally cars,surveillance and the observation of nocturnal animals

Warranty:Rechargeable, Handle, LED 10W Hunting Spotlights are covered by a 24month LED Warranty. Our goal is to make sure you get the right product and you are happy with it. If you have a warranty question or need help with setting up a warranty exchange/return, please contact us directly. We are here to help you. Additionally, any product that is not correct or does not meet your expectations can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Items returned to us need to be in new condition with the original packaging.

Hawks is a professional light fixture manufacturer with years of experience, focusing on quality, durable, safe lighting products.Focusing makes our uniqueness. From the user’s perspective, we conducted market research for each product and collected the problems encountered by users. And then, we made improvements and upgrades.Therefore, new and delicate led hunting lights are regularly launched to adapt to different crowd in the market.

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