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LED Dash Light, Vehicle Strobe Lights, Emergency lights

LED Dash Light, and Vehicle Strobe Lights are upgraded LEDs with high-performance, to give you super brightness with lower power consumption than traditional lights. A wide range of uses can apply to different trucks, cars, machines, and outdoor engineering vehicles, Front Interior Visor Dual Color Light Bar is an easy and effective way to light up the front of your vehicle. The Hawks Visor bar housing ensures that the light bar mounts closely to the windshield, preventing any unnecessary flashbacks when driving at night.


  • Lasting and serviceable: LED Dash Light, and Vehicle Strobe Lights are made of quality LED and aluminum, reliable, not easy to deform and break, and can keep for a long time; The surfaces of these lights are smooth and comfortable to touch and do not need to worry about scratching your fingers
  • Super Quality: The LED Dash Light, and Vehicle Strobe Lights have 4PCS/6PCS/12PCS high-quality LEDs to output super bright red/48 blue light, improving visibility and ensuring you a safer night.
  • Multifunction Match diverse cars: this Windshield light bar is suitable as indicators signals, warning lights, and emergency lights for many kinds of cars, such as trucks, trailers, horse trailers, travel trailers, boat trailers, RVs, police cars
  • Абсолютно водонепроницаемый: Бесшовная оболочка и дополнительная водонепроницаемая крышка гарантируют уровень защиты IP67, а срок службы составляет около 50 000 часов.

 HAWKS предлагает лучшее качество и низкую цену на рынке


LED Dash Light, Vehicle Strobe Lights

LED Dash light, Available for 19 flashing patterns, With ECE R65, E10, and SAE Class1 approval.Along with any size length wire and cigarette lighter.

LED Dash Light, Vehicle Strobe Lights

High power and super bright, More stable, the lifetime up to 50,000 hours. Available blue, red, amber, white, combo any color, Can be adjusted to different angles

LED Dash Light, Vehicle Strobe Lights

Not easy to break under the impact force.-With the suction cup mount, mount it how you want!-Glare shield is adjustable and will not block the driver.

Other Models

Good performance, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and Easy to install with adjustable mounting accessories. Longer life span, low cost, lower energy consumption color is optional: Red/Amber/Green/Blue/White

МодельLEDsМощностьНапряжениеFlashing PatternsУстановкаРазмер
 104High power LED *4PCS 12W 9-30V DC 19 Surface mount,  120.2*37.6*102.6mm
106 High power LED *6PCS 18W 9-30V DC 19 Surface mount, 148.7*37.6*102.8mm
103High Power LED*3PCS9W9-30V DC10Surface mount, Bracket mount94*32*11mm
104High power LED *4PCS12W9-30V DC10Surface mount, Bracket mount110*32*11mm
106High power LED *6PCS18W9-30V DC10Surface mount,Bracket mount121*32*11mm
112High power LED *12PCS36W9-30V DC10Surface mount,Bracket mount121*43.5*11mm

1: Простота установки
2: Автомобиль-класс специализированных привело чипов: может быть использован в -40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃ температуры окружающей среды
3: Водонепроницаемость IP67, длительная яркость
4:Встроенный EMC, антиэлектромагнитные помехи, без проблем canbus
5. Дизайн часов, уникальный дизайн в мире
6. Супер яркий светодиод, стабильная сталь, не легко носить, простая установка
7. С сертификатами стандартов ISO/CE/IP 67/DOT/EMARK
8. OEM и ODM услуги доступны
9. Зрелая технология обеспечивает высокую яркость, долгий срок службы и низкую стоимость обслуживания
10. Более толстый корпус, лучший отвод тепла


The windshield Light Bar, Police light bar, and Visor light bar are covered by a 24month LED Warranty. Our goal is to make sure you get the right product and you are happy with it. If you have a warranty question or need help with setting up a warranty exchange/return, please contact us directly. We are here to help you. Additionally, any product that is not correct or does not meet your expectations can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Items returned to us need to be in new condition with the original packaging.

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