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LED Work Lights For Tractor 25W 40W 60W

25W LED Work Lights are upgraded LEDs with high performance, to give you super brightness with lower power consumption than traditional lights. A wide range of uses can apply to different excavators, dozers, road rollers, bulldozers, cranes and mining trucks, and more. 25W LED Work Lights are an easy and effective way to light up the front of your vehicle.


  • Lasting and serviceable: 25W LED Work Lights are constructed with a sleek, low-profile stealth design in mind. Fully weatherproof with completely sealed off and encapsulated light heads. Professional design for trucks, trailers,ATV,SUV ,truck, trailers,tractors etc
  • Super Quality: 25W LED Work Lights are packed with High-Intensity LEDs that are equipped with an enhanced optical lens that magnifies their brightness and is sure to get the attention of anyone passing by. Extreme distance and wide view areas are perfect for high speeds and dangerous bend situations.
  • High-quality Materials: Professional-grade design with aluminum, Highly durable, and made to endure harsh conditions. This 25W LED Work Light is built to last with its rugged sleek frame & sealed weatherproof build.
  • Absolutely waterproof: The seamless shell and additional waterproof cap guarantee a protection level of IP68, and the service life is about 50,000 hours.

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  • LED chips from the US. Extremely bright even in daylight. Long-range focused beam allows you to see so far or through the dark.
  • The lamp body is faster radiating than aluminum, has high-temperature resistance, beautiful exterior.
  •  Lamp cover adopted imported PMMA technology, good vitreousness, anti high/low-temperature burst.
  • Lamp reflectors use optical reflectivity projector lenses with, a long reflection distance. Preventing daytime on and front corner collisions
  • Fix device from Japanese airlines tighten technology, stainless steel,shake-proof,rust-proof, waterproof.
  • Energy saving, high brightness, long lifespan, adopted Japanese encapsulation technology.
  • Universal 9V-80V power sources. High/low voltage protection,No pollution,no noises,no electronic interference
  • Lifespan: more than ordinary led bulbs, more than 30000 hours. The back of the housing has large cooling ribs for optimized heat dissipation
  • Excellent water-proof and shock-resistant aluminum housing.
  • Dazzle soft light. Close range illumination with a clear lens.
  • Work in the rain and under difficult operating conditions.
  • 25W led work lights Fit for Engineering vehicles: excavator, dozer, road roller, bulldozer, crane and mining truck, etc.Special vehicles: fire engines, police cars, rescue vehicles, communication vehicles, military command vehicles etc, Off-road vehicles, ATVs, SUV, truck, Fork lift, trains, boat, bus, and tanks.
IngångsspänningDC 10-80V
Tillämpliga modellerUniversell
Dimension 108*W103*H127(mm)
Livslängd≥ 50 000 timmar
FunktionDriving/Fog/Work Light
Color temp/Lumens6000-6500K/1800Lumens
AnslutningKabeltråd, 300 mm
MonteringScrew mount, connectors
CertifieringECE R65 Klass 1,ECE R10, SAE J845
25w led work lights

1: Lätt att installera
2: Specialiserade ledchips för fordon: kan användas i -40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃ omgivningstemperatur
3: Vattentät IP67, lång ljusstyrka
4: Inbyggd EMC, anti-elektromagnetisk interferens, inga canbus-problem
5. Klockdesign, unik design i världen
6. Superljus LED, stabilt stål, inte lätt att slita, enkel installation
7. Med ISO/CE/IP 67/DOT/EMARK standardcertifikat
8. OEM- och ODM-tjänster är tillgängliga
9. Utvecklad teknik ger hög ljusstyrka, lång livslängd och låga underhållskostnader
10. Tjockare hölje, bättre värmeavledning


25W LED Work Lights are covered by a 36 month LED Warranty. Our goal is to make sure you get the right product and you are happy with it. If you have a warranty question or need help with setting up a warranty exchange/return, please contact us directly. We are here to help you. Additionally, any product that is not correct or does not meet your expectations can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Items returned to us need to be in new condition with the original packaging.

40W LED Work Light For Tractor

  • Function: Driving/Work Light
  • Diameter:108*103*127mm
  • Voltage:9-80V
  • Certifikat: ECE R148/R10
  • Garanti: 3 år
  • Mount: Screw Mount/Connectors
  • Anslutning: Wire, 300 mm
  • Waterproof IP: IP68
  • Housing Materials: Aluminum
  • Len Material: PMMA
  • Drifttemperatur: -40 ℃ +65 ℃
  • Lumens:2800W
  • Watts: Cree10W*4
  • Color temp:6000-6500k

60W LED Work Light For Excavator Trucks Offroad Vehicles Tractors

  • Function: Driving/Work Light
  • Diameter:138*131*162mm
  • Voltage:9-80V
  • Certifikat: ECE R148/R10
  • Garanti: 3 år
  • Mount: Screw Mount/Connectors
  • Anslutning: Wire, 300 mm
  • Waterproof IP: IP68
  • Housing Materials: Aluminum
  • Len Material: PMMA
  • Drifttemperatur: -40 ℃ +65 ℃
  • Lumens:4200W
  • Watts: Cree10W*6
  • Color temp:6000-6500k

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